Kinmen Daily News

Kinmen Daily News (Chinese: 金門日報, Pinyin: Jīnmén-rìbào) is a newspaper owned by the government of Kinmen County (Quemoy), Fujian Province, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Its predecessor was Chunghwa Cheng Chi Pao (中華正氣報, Zhōnghuá-zhèngqìbào) from Nancheng, Jiangxi, which retreated to Quemoy following the Chinese civil war. Kinmen Daily News started publishing in 1965. From 1992 onwards, the operation of two newspapers were split. Chunghwa Cheng Chi Pao was changed into a weekly paper, and is distributed to the military on Quemoy. Kinmen Daily News was transferred to the current owner, and continued to be published daily.

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