King Noah

According to the Book of Mormon, King Noah was a wicked monarch best known for burning the prophet Abinadi at the stake. King Noah, described in the Book of Mosiah, is said to have presided over a wicked kingdom guided by false priests. Noah succeeds his father Zeniff, and is succeeded by his son Limhi.

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Book Of Mormon Chronology - Zarahemla - About 145 BC, Land of Lehi-Nephi
... Gideon attempts to slay King Noah ... King Noah, his priests and other men flee ... King Noah objects and is killed by fire ...
... He was one of the wicked priests of the ill-fated King Noah ... Upon King Noah's death and the invasion of the Lamanites into the land of Nephi, Amulon and a group of priests (later dubbed Amulonites) fled into the wilderness ... at Helam, led by Alma the Elder (who was also once a priest of King Noah) ...
King Noah - Limhi Becomes King
... Noah and his people fled, but were unable to escape the Lamanites ... They made Noah's son, Limhi, their king ... Those who abandoned their families and stayed with Noah were sorry for their choice ...
Two Thousand Stripling Warriors - Book of Mormon - Historical Roots
... of Mormon that begins with the prophet Abinadi's appearance to King Noah in the highlands of Nephi ... Abinadi is martyred, sealing his testimony in his own blood, after preaching before the court of King Noah and his wicked priests ... Alma and his followers fled from the armies of King Noah into the wilderness ...

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