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List Of Kirby Characters - Enemies - Scarfy
... In the Kirby Right Back at Ya! episode "Dedede's Pet Threat," King Dedede buys four Scarfys from Nightmare Enterprises ... Their appetites made King Dedede bankrupt and he ended up releasing the Scarfies ... Yet King Dedede was forced to keep the Scarfys ...
List Of Kirby Characters - Enemies - Mini-Bosses - Fire Lion
... to stop dumping garbage on Cappy Town until King Dedede pays his bills, King Dedede and Escargoon hack into Nightmare Enterprise's computer and use it to summon Fire Lion to burn all the trash in town ... Yet King Dedede couldn't control the Fire Lion and it went on a rampage ...
List Of Kirby Characters - Anime-only Characters - Nightmare Enterprises - Demon Beasts
... Dedede Stone - A massive statue of King Dedede that appeared in "Curio's Curious Discovery." It was unleashed by King Dedede when the Cappies wanted to toss King Dedede out of Cappy Town ... Fololo and Falala when Nightmare Enterprises sold them to King Dedede ... He appeared in "The Fofa Factor" where he is ordered by King Dedede to dispose of Kirby ...
Kirby (character) - Characteristics - Personality
... He sometimes acts in an impulsive nature, such as when he accuses King Dedede of interfering with the Fountain of Dreams (also known as the Dream Spring) in Kirby's Adventure, and then ... Meta Knight and King Dedede also play a prominent role in the Subspace Emissary mode as well ... Unlike most trademark Nintendo villans (Bowser, Ganondorf, etc.), King Dedede ultimately has good intentions in the Subspace Emissary ...
List Of Kirby Characters - Main Characters - King Dedede
... King Dedede (デデデ大王, Dedede Daiō?) is a main recurring villain/antihero of the series and the archenemy of Kirby ... and is known to be self-centered furthermore, Dedede causes many problems for the inhabitants of Dream Land through selfish mischief, such as stealing ... A recurring motif of the series is the assumption that Dedede has performed an act which is essentially benevolent, such as sealing away the villainous Nightmare ...

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