King Bahlika

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Bahlikas - Legendary Bahlika Kings
... According to Shiva Purana the Dharshtaka princes became rulers of Bahlika ... Satapatha Brahmana knows of a king named Bahlika Pratipeya whom it calls Kauravya (=Kaurava) ... It has been pointed out that this Kaurava king is identical with Bahlika Pratipeya of Mahabharata ...
Bahlika Kingdom - References in Mahabharata - Kings of Bahlika - Bahlika The Father of Somadatta
... The lineage that links Bahlika with the Pandavas and Kauravas, as per Mahabharata is as follows- A Bahlika king took part in the Kurukshetra War ... He was related to the Kauravas and the Pandavas, and was a king in the Kuru dynasty ... This make Bahlika older than Bhishma, making him the oldest among, the warriors who fought the Kurukshetra War ...

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