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  • In 1982 the Canadian dark synthpop band named themselves Psyche after the B-Side of Killing Joke's "Wardance" single although the spelling on the single was Pssyche.
  • Also in 1982, GC Green & Paul Neville first came together as Fall of Because, named after the first track on What's THIS For...! and were later joined by Justin Broadrick, setting the foundations of Godflesh, who covered "Requiem" live, with Raven on bass.
  • Justin K. Broadrick cited Killing joke as an important influence in his use of melodies in his music.
  • In 1987, Metallica covered Killing Joke's "The Wait" for their E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited. James Hetfield picked Jaz as one of his top 20 favourite singers for a poll in Rolling Stone.
  • In some early interviews, the members of Soundgarden cited Killing Joke as one of the bands they listen to most.
  • In 1989, German gothic band Love Like Blood covered the name-giving track on the Love Like Blood EP and on the Snakekiller album.
  • The main riff of Nirvana's song "Come as You Are" bears a striking resemblance to the riff of Killing Joke's single, "Eighties". The band did not file a copyright infringement lawsuit, which, according to Rolling Stone, was "due to personal and financial reasons."
  • In 1993, Helmet covered Killing Joke's "Primitive" for the B-side to the single "Born Annoying".
  • In 1993, Econoline Crush covered Killing Joke's "Psyche" (a B-side from their "Wardance" single) for their Purge EP.
  • In 1994, Hoppy Kamiyama used a looped sample from "Exit" that was used in his God Mountain Orchestra project on the track "Lebanon", released on the Japanese compilation, "Neu Konservatiw".
  • In 1995, Icehouse covered "Love like Blood" on their album The Berlin Tapes.
  • In 1997, the Foo Fighters covered Killing Joke's "Requiem" for the B-side to the single "Everlong". Dave Grohl, leader and guitarist of Foo Fighters, played drums for the recording sessions of Killing Joke's second self-titled album in 2003.
  • In 2001, Amen covered Killing Joke's "Europe" during a session on BBC Radio One in 2001. The recording of this song was later the B-side for their single "Too Hard to Be Free".
  • In 2001, The Mad Capsule Markets covered Killing Joke's "Wardance" on their album 010.
  • In 2002, Blacklight (Oliver Heydt, Olaf Wollschäger) made a double 12" with their five remixed versions of "Love Like Blood".
  • In 2002, Finnish band Kotiteollisuus released an EP ±0 containing a "Tappava Pila remix" of their song "Valtakunta", meaning 'killing joke remix', as tribute to Killing Joke's "Millenium".

Kotiteollisuus is also on the Killing Joke Tribute-album, with their Finnish language cover of "Pandemonium".

  • In 2002, LCD Soundsystem released "Losing My Edge" which is based around b-side "Change".
  • In 2003, German band blackmail covered "Love Like Blood". It was released as a download track on their homepage and as a bonus track on the Japan edition of their album Friend Or Foe? as well.
  • In 2003, the German death metal band Disbelief covered "Democracy" on the album Spreading the Rage.
  • In 2004, Nouvelle Vague covered "Psyche" on their self-titled debut album.
  • In 2005, Swiss band MXD covered "Pandemonium" on their album Frustration Is Fuel.
  • In 2005, Fear Factory covered Killing Joke's "Millennium" on their album Transgression.
  • In 2005 German Experimental Duo ALLES arranged and recorded a Symphonic Killing Joke Album: "Ode to the Joke that kills". But E.M.I.Publishers refused a physical release. So it`s since then shelved by its Creators.
  • In 2009, Swiss cyber-metallers Sybreed covered "Love Like Blood" on their album The Pulse of Awakening.
  • In 2009 Behemoth (band) covered Killing Joke's "Total Invasion" off of their 2003 self-titled album Killing Joke.
  • Other professed fans of Killing Joke include Ministry, Amebix, Front Line Assembly, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Melvins, Faith No More, KMFDM, The Complications, The Freeze, Born Dead Icons, Godflesh, Napalm Death, Jesu, Mr. Bungle, VX, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, I Am Spoonbender, Primus, Queen Adreena, Jello Biafra, Prong, The Red Star Ritual, Burning Image, The Process Void, Big Black, Lycia, Shitakke Fiddlefaddle, Ikon, Whispers in the Shadow, Morgoth, Project 86 and Soulwax.
  • In 2010, Dead By April covered "Love like Blood" and released it as a single.
  • A Killing Joke tribute album by some of the most famous artists such as Foo Fighters, Metallica, and many others was released as the second CD of the Deluxe Edition of Absolute Dissent.

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