Kid Cole

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List Of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Episodes - Season 1: 1993
... Furth 1x04 Law of the Land January 16, 1993 Disc 2 A gunslinger named Kid.Cole who has consumption arrives looking for a quiet town in which to hang 'em up ... Kid Cole is asked when Dr ... Kid Cole ends up taking the job ...
List Of Di-Gata Defenders Characters - Secondary Characters - Allies To The Defenders - Joshu
... A boy who lives in the mining village attacked by Kid Cole in "The Magnificent Two" ... When Kid Cole kidnaps him, Joshu leaves a trail of Di-Gata stones for Erik and Rion to follow ... They rescue him and defeat Kid Cole when Brackus retakes control over Darkviper, who pushes him from his treehouse base, presumably to his death ...
List Of Di-Gata Defenders Episodes - Season 1 (The Megalith Saga) - Episode 10 The Town That Time Forgot
... A young Stone-caster named Kid Cole and his gang, actually the real culprits, arrive and chase them out, capturing Mel in the process, and tie her up in the streets ... which is odd because one must be entered into the security system to get in) and Kid Cole shouts at them, challenging Seth to a one-on-one duel and threatening to burn the entire town if ... Seth agrees to Kid Cole's challenge the next morning, but finds himself outnumbered six-to-one ...

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    You know, Frank, I’m beginning to get a new perspective on this crawling little animal known as man. Why a dog or a cat or a bird is cleverer than any human. They sense me immediately. But these shrewd detectives of yours—. Take away one of man’s senses and you render him helpless.
    —Lester Cole (1904–1985)

    The Kid had a lurking devil in him ... It was a good-humored, jovial imp, or a cruel and blood-thirsty fiend, as circumstances prompted. He always laughed when killing, but fire seemed to dart from his eyes.
    State of New Mexico, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)