Kfar Hasidim Bet

Kfar Hasidim Bet (Hebrew: כְּפַר חֲסִידִים ב', lit. Hasidim Village B) is a communal settlement in northern Israel. Located near Nesher, it falls under the jurisdiction of Zevulun Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 193.

The village was founded in 1950 by residents of Kfar Hasidim, and was recognised by the state in 1959.

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... Kfar Hasidim (Hebrew כְּפַר חֲסִידִים, lit ... Village of Hasidim), also known as Kfar Hasidim Alef to distinguish it from Kfar Hasidim Bet, is a moshav in northern Israel ... and subsequently Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1973 to 1983, was raised in Kfar Hasidim, which his father co-founded ...

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