Kent Bach

Kent Bach (born 1943) is an American philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University. His primary areas of research include the philosophy of language, linguistics and epistemology. He is the author of three books: Exit-existentialism: A philosophy of self-awareness, Linguistic Communication and Speech Acts, and Thought and Reference published by Wadsworth, the MIT Press, and Oxford University Press, respectively. He is also the author of many publications in professional, peer-reviewed journals of analytic philosophy.

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Kent Bach - Philosophy of Language
... Some of Bach's most interesting and original writings in the philosophy of language have tended to focus on the problems and puzzles that arise from so-called propositional attitude ... In A Puzzle About Belief Reports and Do Belief Reports Report Beliefs?, Bach argues that there is a false assumption underlying all of the traditional forms of explanation of the nature of belief reports ... Bach suggests that "that"-clauses do not specify but merely "describe" or "characterize" what a person believes ...

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