Kensuke (written: 健介, 健輔, 謙介, 謙佑, 建介, 賢介, 賢輔 or 賢典) is a masculine Japanese given name and may refer to:

  • Kensuke Fukuda (福田 健介?) (born 1984), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Hijikata (土方 健介?) (born 1922), Japanese photographer
  • Kensuke Iwabuchi (岩渕 健輔?) (born 1975), Japanese rugby union player and coach
  • Kensuke Kagami (加賀見 健介?) (born 1974), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Kazama (風間 健介?) (born 1960), Japanese photographer
  • Kensuke Kita (喜多 建介?) (born 1977), Japanese musician
  • Kensuke Kobayashi (born 1986), Japanese cricketer
  • Kensuke Koike (小池 健輔?) (born 1980), Japanese artist
  • Kensuke Mitsuda (光田 健輔?) (1876–1964), Japanese physician
  • Kensuke Nagai (永井 謙佑?) (born 1989), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Nakaniwa (中庭 健介?) (born 1981), Japanese figure skater
  • Kensuke Nebiki (根引 謙介?) (born 1977), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Sasaki (佐々木 健介?) (born 1966), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Kensuke Sato (佐藤 謙介?) (born 1989), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Shiina, Japanese DJ and musician
  • Kensuke Takezawa (竹澤 健介?) (born 1986), Japanese long-distance runner
  • Kensuke Tanabe (田邊 賢輔?) (born 1963), Japanese video game designer and producer
  • Kensuke Tanaka (田中 賢介?) (born 1981), Japanese baseball player
  • Kensuke Tsukuda (佃 賢典?) (born 1977), Japanese footballer
  • Kensuke Uchimura (内村 賢介?) (born 1986), Japanese baseball player
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... She encounters and alternatively threatens and flirts with Kensuke, angering Kagura ... as to who can collect more sesshōseki, with Kensuke—and the Kyūbi-kitsune (or nine-tailed fox)—as the prize ... Kagura, Kensuke, Kyouko and Iwahata survive, and meet Izuna and Shizuru at an agency hideout ...
Kensuke Uchimura
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