Kedu Plain

Kedu Plain is the fertile volcanic plain that lies between the volcanoes Mount Sumbing and Mount Sundoro to the west, and Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi to the east on Central Java, Indonesia. The plain also bordering the Menoreh hills in the southwest and Prambanan Plain in the southeast. The Progo River runs through the center of this plain, from its source on the slope of Mount Sumbing to Java southern coast facing Indian Ocean. It has been a significant location in Central Javanese history for over a millennium, as it contains traces of the Sailendra dynasty as well as Borobudur and associated locations.

In the last couple of hundred years it has been the location of the important Dutch East Indies military settlement of Magelang and that status carried on into the Indonesia era. It is also the location of the hill that has been associated with the notion of the nail of Java at Mount Tidar in Magelang. During colonial Dutch East Indies period, Kedu Plain belonged within the Kedu residency administration. Today Kedu residency consists the of Magelang Regency, Magelang City, and Temanggung Regency administrative units.

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