Kari or KARI may refer to:

  • Kari or curry, a pan-Asian variety of spicy food
  • Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore
  • Kari (moon), a natural satellite of Saturn
  • Kari (music), a technique in shakuhachi music
  • Kari (name), real and fictional people with the given name, nickname or surname
  • Kari, Jhunjhunu, a village in Rajasthan, India
  • Kari, Tikamgarh, a town in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Kari, Iran, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Kari people, also Cari, Aka-Kari or Aka-Cari, a tribe in the Andaman Islands, India
    • Kari language, also Cari, Aka-Kari or Aka-Cari, spoken by the Kari people
  • Kari language, a Bantu language spoken in Africa
  • Kári, son of Fornjót, the personification of wind in Norse mythology
  • KARI or the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • KARI or Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the aeronautics and space agency of South Korea
  • KARI (AM), an AM radio station broadcasting on 550, licensed to Blaine, WA

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Jarkko Kari
... Kari is a Finnish mathematician and computer scientist, known for his contributions to the theory of Wang tiles and cellular automata ... Kari is currently a professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Turku ...
South Korean Space Program - Background
... KARI began in 1990 to develop its own rockets ... KARI wished to develop satellite launch capability ... KARI had a 2003 budget of 156.4 billion won ($150 million USD) ...
List Of The Night Angel Trilogy Characters - Minor Characters - Vonda Kirena
... Vonda was kidnapped by Godking Garoth Ursuul as blackmail to make Durzo search for the Silver Ka'kari ... makes a choice between Vonda's life and the Silver Ka'kari and goes after the Silver Ka'kari, known as the Globe of Edges, which turns out to be a fake ... death, for his own personal gain breaks the bond between the Black Ka'Kari and Durzo, with the Black Ka'Kari being bonded to Kylar ...
... It is still possible to see "kari" (coal) if we dig deep into the soil ... So this place name end-up with Kari ... the name of this village - 'Mithra' 'Kari' ...