Campen or Kampen may refer:

  • Campen, Germany, a village by the Ems estuary, northwestern Germany, home of the Campen Lighthouse
  • Kampen, Germany, a municipality on the island Sylt, Germany
  • Kampen, Overijssel, a municipality and town in the Netherlands
  • Kampen, Friesland, a village in Friesland, the Netherlands
  • Kampen, Norway, a neighborhood in the city of Oslo
  • Kampen, the Swedish name of Kamppi, a district in Helsinki, Finland

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Kampen, Norway - History
... During the 18th century, the home guard had military practices at Kampen ... The northern part of Kampen has many brick buildings from the 1930s, though the wooden housing still dominates in other parts ...
Rotes Kliff Lighthouse - History
... in the approach to the Lister Tief nautical channel and to have a supplement to the main light at Kampen, 2.5 kilometres to the south ... Until its deactivation in 1975 it was maintained by the keepers of the Kampen lighthouse ... When Rotes Kliff was extinguished, the main light at Kampen took over its part with a red section of light ...
Danny Dunn, Time Traveler - Editions
... McGraw-Hill (Paperback, 1963, illustrated by Owen Kampen) (Hardback, 1963, illustrated by Owen Kampen) MacDonald and Jane's (Hardback, 1965, illustrated by Dick ...
DOS Kampen
... DOS Kampen (acronym of Door Oefening Sterk Kampen) is a Dutch football club based in the city of Kampen, currently competing in the Eerste Klasse ...
Johan Herman Bavinck - Publications
... bei Heinrich von Suso - Erlangen 1919 Inleiding in de zielkunde - Kampen 1926 Christus en de mystiek van het oosten - Kampen 1934 De boodschap van Christus en de niet-christelijke religies ... Kraemer The Christian message in a non-Christian world - Kampen 1940 The impact of Christianity on the non-Christian world - Grand Rapids 1948 Religieus besef en het christelijk geloof - Kampen ...