Juhani is a common Finnish male given name and Arabic surname.

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Juhani - Fictional Characters
... Juhani is a female playable character featured in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ... ...
Juhani Arajärvi
... Juhani Arajärvi (July 25, 1867, Urjala – November 13, 1941) was a Finnish politician ... Persondata Name Arajarvi, Juhani Alternative names Short description Date of birth July 25, 1867 Place of birth Date of death November 13, 1941 Place of death ...
Khalid Al-Juhani
... Khalid Ibn Muhammad Al-Juhani (Arabic خالد محمد الجهني‎) was a Saudi member of al-Qaeda who appeared cradling a rifle, in a 2002 videotape in which he promised a "martyrdom. 2003, the Saudi government identified al-Juhani as one of twelve dead perpetrators of the Riyadh compound bombings based on DNA found at the scene ...