Jughead may refer to:

Fictional character
  • Jug Head, Canadian nickname for the Kool-Aid Man
  • Jughead, spelled "Jughaid", character in the newspaper comic Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
  • Jughead Jones, Archie Comics character
  • John Jughead, the pseudonym of Screeching Weasel guitarist John Pierson
  • Jughead (band), a progressive pop side project of Ty Tabor in 2002
  • "Jughead", a song on Prince's 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls
Object or process
  • Jughead, nickname for a version of the 1954 Mark 16 nuclear bomb
  • Jughead (search engine), which worked under the Gopher protocol
  • "Jughead" (Lost), 2009 episode in the fifth season of the American television series Lost

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Samm Schwartz
... Comics, specifically on the character Jughead Jones ... Schwartz, who pencilled, inked, and lettered much of his own work, specialized in stories featuring Jughead, and was the lead artist on the Jughead solo ... that turned the character from a second banana to a star "He made Jughead! ...
Alternate Universes In Archie Comics - Jughead's Time Police
... Upon receiving a special beanie from an unknown benefactor, Jughead gains the ability to travel to the past and future at will ... Joined by Deputy January McAndrews (Archie's descendant from the 29th century and Jughead's secret love interest), Jughead travelled across history, ensuring that history stayed ...
Boogadaboogadaboogada! - Track Listing
... "Zombie" (written by Weasel, John Jughead) 136 4 ... "We Skate" (written by Weasel, Jughead) 012 6 ... "Holy Hardcore" (written by Weasel, Jughead) 125 22 ...
Castle Yankee - Jughead
... The test device, code-named "Jughead", had been prepared as a backup in case the non-cryogenic "Shrimp" fusion device (first tested in Castle Bravo) failed to work ... The test of "Jughead" was cancelled when the Bravo device was successful, and the few EC-16s which were actually built were withdrawn and dismantled ...