Jonson is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Ben Jonson (circa 1572-1637), English Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor
  • Gail Jonson (born 1965), former medley and butterfly swimmer
  • Mattias Jonson (born 1974), Swedish professional football player

Other articles related to "jonson":

The Entertainment At Althorp
... Entertainment, is an early Jacobean era literary work, written by Ben Jonson ... The work marked a major development in Jonson's career, as the first of many entertainments and masques that he would write for the Stuart Court ... a blending of figures from both classical and native English folklore that Jonson would employ in future works as well (see, for example, The Fortunate Isles and Their Union of 1625) ...
Lovers Made Men - The Show
... As the subtitle of the work indicates, Jonson set his masque on the shores of the river Lethe in the undeworld of ancient Greek mythology ... Jonson's masque ends with a reconciliation of love and wisdom ... Jonson in turn may have answered White's masque in his Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue (1618) ...
Chloridia - The Rivals
... The end of Jonson's career as a masquer for the Court, however, was due not to ill health but to a clash of personalities ... Jonson and Jones had been partners in the creation of masques for the Stuart Court since The Masque of Blackness in 1605 but Jonson had long nourished a resentment against Jones, feeling that ... Since Jonson arranged for the publication of the texts of his masques, his name always preceded Jones's in these volumes but when Choridia was published ...
Love's Pilgrimage (play) - The Problem
... Boyle thought that the Jonsonian material in Love's Pilgrimage was authorial — that Jonson was one of the creators of the play ... Modern critics favor the view that the common material, original with Jonson, was interpolated into Love's Pilgrimage during a revision, perhaps for a new production in 1635 ... on 16 September 1635.) It is possible that the revision was done by Jonson himself but far more probably, it was the work of an anonymous reviser ...

Famous quotes containing the word jonson:

    ‘Tis the common disease of all your musicians that they know no mean, to be entreated, either to begin or end.
    —Ben Jonson (c. 1572–1637)

    How so ere, my man
    Shall reade a piece of virgil, tacitus,
    livie, or some better booke to us,
    Of which wee’ll speake our minds, amidst our meate;
    And Ile professe no verses to repeate:
    —Ben Jonson (1572–1637)

    Wise child, didst hastily return
    And mad’st thy mother’s womb thine urn.
    How summed a circle didst thou leave mankind
    Of deepest lore, could we the center find!
    —Ben Jonson (1572–1637)