Johnny Quick

Johnny Quick is the name of two DC Comics characters, each with the power of superhuman speed. The first was a superhero who appeared mostly in More Fun Comics during the Golden Age. The other was a supervillain, an evil version of The Flash from Earth-Three, appearing mostly during the Silver Age.

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Johnny Quick - In Other Media - Film
... The Crime Syndicate version of Johnny Quick appears in Justice League Crisis on Two Earths voiced by James Patrick Stuart ... Johnny later sacrifices himself transporting Batman to Earth Prime to stop Owlman's plot to destroy the multiverse, proud of himself for saving countless lives, and ...
Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers) - Fictional Character Biography - Ultimate Fate
... Some time afterwards, Johnny meets with Iris Allen, widow of Barry Allen, who warns him that trouble was forthcoming for users of the Speed Force ... Johnny refuses to believe his power was not his own, till moments later he found himself without his speed, thanks to the manipulations of the returned Savitar ... Johnny is grudgingly forced to accept the Speed Force's existence ...
The Golden Age (comics) - Plot
... Robotman, who is losing his sense of human ethics, the Atom and Johnny Thunder, who are both looking for somewhere to belong, and Dan the Dyna-Mite (Daniel ... Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle were married and eventually divorced ... Quick is now a television reporter while Belle is dating journalist John Law (formerly the Tarantula) ...
Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers)
... Johnny Quick is a Golden Age DC Comics character with the power of superhuman speed ... In the 1980s Johnny Quick's adventures were retconned into the reality of DC Comics' Earth-Two this was done in the pages of the comic book the All-Star Squadron ...
Savitar (comics) - Fictional Character Biography
... the only super-speed hero operating at the time Johnny Quick ... the competition Flash (Wally West), Impulse, Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick), Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, XS, and especially Max Mercury ... Savitar, Lady Flash (Lady Savitar at the time) and Johnny Quick have been killed by this effect ...

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