John Middleton Murry - Works


  • Fyodor Dostoevsky: A Critical Study (1916)
  • Still Life (1916) novel
  • Poems: 1917-18 (1918)
  • The Critic in Judgement (1919)
  • The Evolution of an Intellectual (1920)
  • Aspects of Literature (1920), revised edition 1945
  • Cinnamon & Angelica (1920) verse drama
  • Poems: 1916-1920 (1921)
  • Countries of the Mind (1922)
  • Pencillings (1922)
  • The Problem of Style (1922)
  • The Things We Are (1922) novel
  • Wrap Me Up in My Aubusson Carpet (1924)
  • The Voyage (1924) novel
  • Discoveries (1924)
  • To the Unknown God (1925)
  • Keats and Shakespeare (1925)
  • The Life of Jesus (1926)
  • Journal of Katherine Mansfield (1927) editor
  • The Letters of Katherine Mansfield (1928) editor
  • Things to Come (1928)
  • God: An Introduction to the Science of Metabiology (1929)
  • D .H. Lawrence (1930)
  • Son of Woman: The Story of D. H. Lawrence (1931)
  • Studies in Keats (1931)
  • The Necessity of Communism (1932)
  • Reminiscences of D.H. Lawrence (1933)
  • William Blake (1933)
  • The Biography of Katherine Mansfield (1933) with Ruth E. Mantz
  • Between Two Worlds (1935) (autobiography)
  • Marxism (1935)
  • Shakespeare (1936)
  • The Necessity of Pacifism (1937)
  • Heaven and Earth (1938)
  • Heroes of Thought (1938)
  • The Pledge of Peace (1938)
  • The Defence of Democracy (1939)
  • The Price of Leadership (1939)
  • Europe in Travail (1940)
  • The Betrayal of Christ by the Churches (1940)
  • Christocracy (1942)
  • Adam and Eve (1944)
  • The Free Society (1948)
  • Looking Before and After: A Collection of Essays (1948)
  • The Challenge of Schweitzer (1948)
  • Katherine Mansfield and Other Literary Portraits (1949)
  • The Mystery of Keats (1949)
  • John Clare and other Studies (1950)
  • The Conquest of Death (1951)
  • Community Farm (1952)
  • Jonathan Swift (1955)
  • Unprofessional Essays (1956)
  • Love, Freedom and Society (1957)
  • Not as the Scribes (1959)
  • John Middleton Murry: Selected Criticism 1916-1957 (1960) editor Richard Rees

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