John De Courcy

John de Courcy (also John de Courci ) (1160–1219) was an Anglo-Norman knight who arrived in Ireland in 1176. From then until his expulsion in 1204, he conquered a considerable territory, endowed religious establishments, built abbeys for both the Benedictines and the Cistercians and built strongholds at Dundrum Castle in County Down and Carrickfergus Castle in County Antrim.

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... The Anglo-Norman John de Courcy, whose early life was probably spent just across the Irish Sea in Cumbria, invaded the Ulaidh (eastern Ulster) in 1177 ... king Ruaidhrí Mac Duinn Shléibhe, de Courcy was able to take control of a large amount of territory, though not without encountering further resistance among the native Irish ... Cumbria was only a short distance too from the lands of the Gall-Gaidhil, and around 1180 John de Courcy married Donnchadh's cousin Affraic inghen Gofraidh, whose father Guðrøðr (Gofraidh), King of the Isles ...
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... John de Courcy, 35th Baron Kingsale (27 January 1941 – 15 September 2005) was the Premier Baron of Ireland ... Lieutenant-Commander The Honourable Michael de Courcy, RN, having been killed in action in 1940 ... The family is named for the village of Courcy-sur-Dives, in Calvados, France ...

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