Jin Zhun - During Liu Cong's Reign

During Liu Cong's Reign

The first reference to Jin Zhun in history was in 315, when he was mentioned as a minor Han Zhao general, whose two beautiful daughters Jin Yueguang and Jin Yuehua were taken by the Han Zhao emperor Liu Cong (Emperor Zhaowu) as consorts. Liu Cong, who was then starting the highly unorthodox practice of creating multiple empresses, creating Jin Yueguang as "Upper Empress" and Jin Yuehua as "Right Empress." That same year, Upper Empress Jin was revealed by the official Chen Yuanda (陳元達) as having committed adultery, causing Liu Cong to feel compelled to depose her. Ashamed, she committed suicide.

It was also mentioned that another daughter of Jin Zhun married Liu Cong's son, Liu Can, but the year is unknown. As years went by, Jin Zhun became closely associated with the Liu Can and several eunuchs and servants trusted by Liu Cong and Liu Can, including Wang Chen (王沈), Xuan Huai (宣懷), and Guo Yi (郭漪). Jin and Guo were instrumental in persuading Liu Can that his uncle, Liu Ai (劉乂) the crown prince was conspiring against him and his father, and subsequently participated heavily in Liu Can's plot to have his uncle falsely accused of treason and removed as crown prince in 317. Jin also assassinated the former Crown Prince Ai, on Liu Can's orders. Liu Can became crown prince, and Princess Jin became crown princess.

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