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Other Languages

In East Scandinavian, German, Portuguese and several other languages, the name Jesus is used. Some other language usage is as follows:

Language Name/variant
Afrikaans Jesus
Albanian Jezusi
Arabic `Isà عيسى (Islamic) / Yasū`(a) يسوع (Christian)
Aragonese Chesús
Azerbaijani İsa
Bosnian Isus
Breton Jezuz
Catalan Jesús
Chinese 耶稣 (Simplified), 耶穌 (Traditional) – Yesu (Mandarin), Yasu (Cantonese)
Cornish Yesu
Croatian Isus
Czech Ježíš
Dutch Jezus
Estonian Jeesus
Filipino Hesus
Finnish Jeesus
French sus
Galician Xesús
Greek Ιησούς (Iisoús modern Greek pronunciation)
Haitian Creole Jezi
Hawaiian Jesu
Hebrew Yeshu ישו (Jewish, secular) / Yeshua יֵשׁוּעַ (Christian)
Hmong Daw Yexus
Hungarian zus
Indonesia Yesus (Christian) / Isa (Islamic)
Irish Íosa
Italian Gesù
Japanese イエス (Iesu)
Kazakh Иса (Isa)
Korean 예수 (Yesu)
Kurdish Îsa
Latvian Jēzus
Ligurian Gesû
Limburgish Zjezus
Lithuanian Jėzus
Lombard Gesü
Malayalam ഈശോ - Eesho,യേശു -Yeshu
Mirandese Jasus
Maltese Ġesù
Neapolitan Gèsù
Norman Jésus
Occitan Jèsus
Piedmontese Gesù
Polish Jezus
Portuguese Jesus
Romanian Isus
Russian Иисус (Iisus)
Sardinian Gesùs
Serbian Исус (Isus)
Sicilian Gesù
Scottish Gaelic Ìosa
Slovak Ježiš
Slovenian Jezus
Spanish Jesús
Tajik Исо (Iso)
Tamil இயேசு - Yesu
Turkish İsa
Turkmen Isa
Ukrainian Ісус (Isus)
Uzbek Iso
Venetian Jesu
Vietnamese Chúa Giêsu
Welsh Iesu
Zulu uJesu
Sinhala ජේසුස් වහන්සේ- ‍jeesus wahanse

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