Jessop is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Bob Jessop (b. 1946), British Marxist theoretician
  • Carolyn Jessop (b. 1968), American author
  • Charles Minshall Jessop, mathematician
  • Christine Jessop, Canadian child murdered in 1984
  • Clytie Jessop, British actress
  • Craig Jessop, American academic
  • Elisha Jessop (1843–1918), Canadian doctor and politician
  • Frank Jessop, founder of Jessops of Leicester the Photographic chain
  • Flora Jessop, American social activist
  • Gilbert Jessop (1874–1955), English cricketer
  • Graham Jessop (b. 1957), English marine archaeologist
  • Job Dean Jessop (1926–2001), American thoroughbred jockey
  • Keith Jessop (b. 1933), English salvage diver
  • Peter Jessop (b. 1964), American film actor
  • Violet Jessop (1887–1971), ocean liner stewardess and Titanic survivor
  • William Jessop (1745–1814), English civil engineer
  • Willie Jessop, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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Clytie Jessop
... Clytie Jessop is a British actress, notable for her association with cinematographer and film director Freddie Francis ... had been cinematographer for The Innocents he later directed Jessop in two minor horror roles for Hammer and Amicus, respectively Nightmare (1964) and Torture Garden (1967) ... She also owned and ran the Clytie Jessop Gallery in London ...
Constantine Jessop - Life
... Jessop was the son of John Jessop, a minister at Pembroke, Pembrokeshire in Wales ... the prohibition was removed in April 1654, after Jessop had become rector of Wimborne Minster in Dorset ... Also in 1654, Jessop wrote a preface to John Grayle's A Modest Vindication, entitled The nature of the covenant of grace, wherein is a discovery of the judgment of Dr ...
Carolyn Jessop - Autobiography - Escape
... On April 21, 2003, when Jessop was 35, she left her husband's family and the FLDS church, fleeing to a safehouse in Salt Lake City ... ever granted full custody of her children in a contested suit involving the FLDS." Jessop was born Carolyn Blackmore and raised by her parents in Hildale, Utah, with her older sister and younger siblings ... Jessop describes her relationship to her parents as emotionally distant, with her father dominating her mother, and her mother taking out her anger on the children with such regularity that the children soon ...
Merril Jessop
... Merril Jessop (born December 27, 1935) was believed to be the de facto leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church) after ... He was also head of the YFZ Ranch, Jessop has been a lifelong member of the church, his father and grandfathers were former high ranking FLDS officials ... Jessop is connected by a nebulous series of marriages to the Jeffs family several of Jessop's daughters and at least one of his wives were previously the plural wives of Rulon Jeffs (a man old enough to be their great-g ...