Jeolla (Korean: 전라도 Jeolla-do/Chŏlla-to, "Jeolla province", also spelled Cholla) was a province in southwestern Korea, one of the historical Eight Provinces of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty. It consisted of the modern South Korean provinces of North Jeolla, South Jeolla and the Special City of Gwangju as well as Jeju Island. The provincial capital was Jeonju, the current capital of Northern Jeolla. The entire inland region was formerly called Honam "South of the Lake".

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Jeolla - Culture
... Jeolla is famous for its traditional music, particularly the genre of musical theater which originated there called pansori, as well as for a related genre of instrumental music called sanjo ...
... Gyeongsang, Jeolla, and Jeju Island are famous for their own characteristic gejang ... speciality of Yeosu in South Jeolla Province, and a traditional Jeolla cuisine dish ...
South Jeolla
34.750°N 127.000°E / 34.750 127.000 South Jeolla Province — Province — Korean transcription(s) • Hangul 전라남도 • Hanja 全羅南道 • McCune‑Reischau ... formed in 1896 from the southern half of the former Jeolla province, remained a province of Korea until the country's division in 1945, then became part of South Korea ...