JC may refer to:

  • Slang reference to Jesus Christ
  • "JC" (song), a 1996 song by Powderfinger
  • JC virus, a type of human polyomavirus
  • The Jewish Chronicle, a national British Jewish newspaper
  • Junior college, a type of two-year school of higher education
  • Jamaica College, a boys' high school in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Jamestown College, a private liberal arts college in Jamestown, North Dakota
  • Jones College (Jacksonville), a private college in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jeassy, Indian film director and actor
  • JC, an emblem of a clothing line by Jackie Chan

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Survivor Philippines (season 1) - The Game - Cycle 12: Days 33-35
... with his mother, Rob with his brother, Charisse with her father, and JC with his girlfriend ... Zita also had JC's girlfriend return with JC, Rob, and Charisse to camp to let her experience life there ... Back at camp, JC's girlfriend was surprised to hear that neither JC, Charisse, nor Rob could cook rice, so they had crude porridge as their dinner ...
JC - People With The Given Initials - Fictional
... JC Denton, character in Deus Ex computer game. ...
List Of Acronyms And Initialisms: J - JC
... Community Process JCPM – (i) Java Child Process Manager – Jesus Christ Prison Ministry JCS – (i) Joint Chiefs of Staff JCW – (i) Juggalo Championship Wrestling ...
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... Singular Plural 1st át diˇ / diˇ rójc 2nd bá biˇ / biˇ rójc 3rd i i rójc / iˇ rójc The Numbers (The "ṅ" is used in place of an "n" with an "¨" over top, as this character is ... búˇc 3 maṅ 4 bájcaṅ 5 shishcáṅ 6 téshan 7 cúj, cújc 8 éjtaṅ 9 cújtaṅ, éjcuj 10 téjcuj, cróshtaṅ, búˇc cúj Map of Boruca ...
Survivor Philippines (season 1) - The Game - Cycle 13: Days 36-37
... virtual servant gone, the remaining tribe members finally got to work with JC cooking rice, Charisse foraging for food and Rob helping Cris on camp chores ... At the Reward Challenge, JC led, but the others soon caught up ... In the end, Rob won the challenge and chose JC to be with him ...