Japan Ice Hockey League - Japan Ice Hockey League Champions

Japan Ice Hockey League Champions

Season Winner
1966–67 Iwakura Tomakomai
1967–68 Iwakura Tomakomai
1968–69 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1969–70 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1970–71 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1971–72 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1972–73 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1973–74 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1974–75 Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1975–76 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1976–77 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1977–78 Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1978–79 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1979–80 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1980–81 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1981–82 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1982–83 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1983–84 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1984–85 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1985–86 Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1986–87 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1987–88 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1988–89 Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1989–90 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1990–91 Oji Seishi Tomakomai
1991–92 Kokudo Keikaku Tokyo
1992–93 Kokudo Tokyo
1993–94 Shin Oji Tomakomai
1994–95 Kokudo Tokyo
1995–96 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1996–97 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
1997–98 Kokudo Tokyo
1998–99 Kokudo Tokyo
1999–00 Seibu Tetsudo Tokyo
2000–01 Kokudo Tokyo
2001–02 Kokudo Tokyo
2002–03 Kokudo Tokyo
2003–04 Kokudo Tokyo

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