JANET - Regional Networks

Regional Networks

The Janet network is implemented through 19 regional network operators (RNOs) which connect universities, colleges and schools to the Janet network. Most RNOs are operated as independent entities working under contract to Janet(UK), though Janet operates a small number of RNOs directly.

Each RNO covers a specific geographical area, as of 2009 the following regional networks are connected to Janet:

  • AbMAN The Aberdeen Metropolitan Area Network
  • C&NLMAN The Cumbria And North Lancashire Metropolitan Area Network
  • ClydeNET The Glasgow and Clydeside Network
  • EaStMAN The Edinburgh and Stirling Metropolitan Area Network
  • EastNet The Eastern Regional Area Network
  • EMMAN The East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network
  • FaTMAN The Fife and Tayside Metropolitan Area Network
  • Kent MAN The Kent Metropolitan Area Network
  • LeNSE The Learning Network South East
  • LMN The London Metropolitan Network
  • NIRAN The Northern Ireland Regional Area Networking
  • NNW Network North West
  • NorMAN The North East Metropolitan Area Network
  • PSBA Wales (under bespoke contract)
  • SWERN The South West England Regional Network
  • TVN The Thames Valley Network (operated directly by Janet)
  • UHIMI The University of the Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute Network
  • WMRN West Midlands Regional Network (operated directly by Janet)
  • YHMAN The Yorkshire and Humberside Metropolitan Area Network

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