Jamatia Hoda

Jamatia Hoda is the institution that looks after the rights and safeguard of the culture of the Jamatia community. It has head-office in Atharobla in Udaipur town of South Tripura district of Tripura and a branch office at Khejurbagan, Agartala near Sri Krishna Mission School. It has also started a higher secondary school Garia Academy in Atharobla (affiliated to CBSE board ).

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Jamatia Hoda - Culture - Goria Puja
... In the Jamatia Community, Goria puja is observed in two places with full enthusiasm- (A) Bia Gwnang, (B) Bia Kwrwi ... (3) A Mohanta is selected by the Hoda to monitor and guide the Bogla in accordance with the resolution adopted by the Hoda and as per traditional rites ...
Jamatia Hoda
... The Jamatia are also followers of traditional Tripuri religion like rest of the clans of Tripura ... Goria celebration of the Jamatias needs special mention and shall be dealt separately ... The Jamatias were annoyed and agitated after the armed rebellion under the leadership of Porkshit Jamatia was brutally curved out ...