Jacky Munaron

Jacques "Jacky" Munaron (born 8 September 1956) is the football goalkeepers trainer of KAA Gent. Jacques Munaron (Namen, 8. September 1956) was a Belgian Football player.

As a young player, Jacky Munaron started as the keeper of the youth team of FC Dinant. Munaron stayed in Dinant and became a player of the A-team. FC Dinant played in the Third Division at that time. In 1974, Jacky was discovered by RSC Anderlecht and moved to Brussels.

Over there, he was only a substitute player, as Jan Ruiter, the Dutch keeper of Anderlecht, was the first choice of the trainer. Also later, when Anderlecht bought Nico de Bree, another Dutch player, of RWDM, Munaron was a substitute player.

Nevertheless, Munaron sometimes got some chances to play and became quickly the real number one of Anderlecht. Ruiter quit playing, De Bree was transferred and Munaron stayed. Munaron stayed in total 15 seasons in Anderlecht, from 1974 until 1989. He was four times champion with Anderlecht, won 4 times the Belgian Cup, two times the Europacup II and the UEFA-cup in 1983.

1988, the competition within the team was stronger again. Munaron became older and Anderlecht chose the more and more its younger keeper Filip De Wilde, still a coming talent then. As a result, Jacky Munaron moved to Club Liège in 1989.

1992, Standard de Liège wanted to buy Munaron from Club Liège and Munaron went to Standard. The keeper was 36 years at that time and became a substitute, because Gilbert Bodart was the first keeper of Standard in the early '90s.

1995, Munaron went to Eendracht Aalst, but 1996, he decided to stop playing. He was a 8-time Red Devil.

After his career as a player, Munaron became a trainer. He was keeper trainer of the Red Devils, RSC Anderlecht and the Turkish team Trabzonspor. As from the season 2010-2011, he works for AA Gent.