Izzy is a common nickname for the given names Israel, Elizabeth, Isaac, Isambard, Isidore, Isabel, Isabella, Ismail, Izebel, or Izmara. It may also refer to:

  • Izzy (mascot), the 1996 Summer Olympics mascot
  • Izzy Alcántara, a Baseball player
  • Izzy Gomez (TUGS), in the series TUGS
  • Izzy Izumi, in the Digimon series
  • Izzy Lang, American football running back
  • Izzy Sinclair, in the Doctor Who comic book
  • Izzy Sparks, a video game character
  • Izzy Stradlin, former Guns N' Roses guitarist
  • Isabelle Hoyland, a character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Isobel Cooper, a soprano known professionally as Izzy
  • Izzie Stevens, in the series Grey's Anatomy
  • Jason Isringhausen, a baseball player
  • Izzy one of the 22 contestants in Total Drama Island
  • Isabel "Izzy" Reubens, a character in Love and Rockets
  • Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
  • Izzy Daniels, the main character of the television movie Jump In!
  • Izzy, the informant for Sonny and Rico in Miami Vice
  • Isabella "Izzy" Lirag, the great-grand daughter of textile business tycoon, Don Basilio Lirag of Lirag Textile Mills'

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Storylines Of Neighbours - 2000–05
... Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) duped Karl into believing that he was the father of her unborn child, continuing the charade long after she ... After over a year of manipulation, Izzy's lies came to light in a spectacular fashion, and despite a last-ditch attempt by Izzy to gain Karl's sympathy by falsely claiming that ... Bishop, Lijana, Susan Smith, Alex Kinski, Connor O'Neill, Dylan Timmins, Sky Mangel, Izzy Hoyland and Elle Robinson ...
Legally Blondes - Plot
... Starting in Great Britain, Isabelle "Izzy" and Annabelle "Annie" Woods are introduced as clever twin girls with a love for pink like their cousin, Elle ... Upon their first day, Izzy and Annie are registering themselves and they sign for ID cards ... it merely to "keep her enemies close." Annie and Izzy believe Tiffany to be a sweet person, though she dislikes classmates on scholarship ...
Miami (Izzy Stradlin Album)
... Miami is former Guns N' Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin's 7th solo album, released only on iTunes on the 30 May 2007 ... Izzy announced through his website that he and bassist JT Longoria had remixed the album, and would be releasing the 10 songs (excluding FSO Ragga) on iTunes on 24 July ... Izzy's Statement "JT Longoria and I have just remixed 10 tracks of the "Miami" recordings and its much louder and more powerful sounding now ...
List Of Recurring Tugs Characters - Supporting - Izzy Gomez
... Izzy is a large tramp steamer who regularly visits Bigg City Port with items such as bananas from Puerto Grande ... Izzy's model makes some appearances in Thomas Friends but without the large hat and moustache face ...
Sick Girl - Plot
... Sick Girl is the story of Izzy Shea (Leslie Andrews), a girl who wants to protect her younger brother, have sex with her older brother and torture everyone else ... Izzy is raising her younger brother, Kevin, by herself ... When Izzy learns that her little brother is being bullied at school, she does what any unstable, psychopathic, homicidal sister would do ...