Izumi Province

Izumi Province (和泉国, Izumi no kuni?) was a province of Japan. It is also referred to as Senshū (泉州?). It lay in Kinai, and its area today composes the south-western part of Osaka Prefecture (south of the Yamato River; not including the city of Osaka itself). The Ōshōji in Sakai was the border with Settsu Province, until the beginning of the Meiji period, when the boundary was changed to be at the Yamato River. Izumi was classified as a lower province in the Engishiki.

The northern part was called Senboku (泉北?, “Izumi North”), and the southern part Sennan (泉南?, “Izumi South”). Izumi included the southern portion of the large seaport of Sakai, and was usually held by whoever ruled Osaka Castle and Settsu Province.

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Izumi Province - Districts - Meiji Era Reorganization
... The area of Sumiyoshi District in Settsu Province from the Yamato River south was added to Ōtori District ... on 1 April 1896, Ōtori District and Izumi District were merged, creating a district that covered the former northern part of Izumi Province ... District were merged, creating a district that covered the former southern part of Izumi Province ...

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