Iyer IPS - Storyline


Sathyaraj in a dual role. One role is of a IPS officer (Iyer) and the other is of a dada (Venkatachalapathy). The dada throughout the film has a dark skin and sports a bald head.

Iyer believes that dadas and rowdies must be eliminated through encounters. But his father thinks one does not have the right to take any life. Dada Venkatachalapthy plants bombs at various places in the city and puts the blame on Muslims. Iyer takes Venkatachalapathy into custody. His sons Pasupathi and Gajapathi try to kill Iyer. Now Iyer's father turns against him and joins the villain. This sets off a chain of events leading to murders.

Satyaraj does both the roles of Iyer and Venkatachalapathy with maturity looking majestic in uniform. Sangavi as Iyer's wife appears in a brief seductive role.

Anantharaj and O.A.K. Sunder (dada's sons) are adequate. Narayana Rao as Iyer's father ends up overacting, his voice being the main culprit.

The director recently filmed a dance with black skinned Sathyaraj and curvaceous Abhinayasree, Babilona and junior Silk. The dark skinned white mustache Sathyaraj with three beauties was a rare sight for the onlookers. Harirajan promises to give many such rarities in the film.

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