Ivan Illich - List of Works

List of Works

  • Die philosophischen Grundlagen der Geschichtsschreibung bei Arnold J. Toynbee. Salzburg: Diss.. 1951.
  • Celebration of Awareness. 1971. ISBN 0-7145-0837-3.
  • Deschooling Society. 1971. ISBN 0-06-012139-4.
  • Tools for Conviviality. 1973. ISBN 0-06-080308-8, ISBN 0-06-012138-6.
  • Energy and Equity. 1974. ISBN ].
  • Medical Nemesis. London: Calder & Boyars. 1974. ISBN 0-7145-1096-3. OCLC 224760852.
  • Medical Nemesis. 1975. ISBN 0-394-71245-5, ISBN 0-7145-1095-5, ISBN 0-7145-1096-3.
  • The Right to Useful Unemployment. 1978. ISBN 0-7145-2628-2.
  • Toward a History of Needs. 1978. ISBN 0-394-41040-8, ISBN 0-394-73501-3.
  • Shadow Work. 1981. ISBN 0-7145-2711-4, ISBN 0-7145-2710-6.
  • Gender. 1982. ISBN 0-394-52732-1.
  • H2O and the Waters of Forgetfulness. 1985. ISBN 0-911005-06-4.
  • ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind. 1988. ISBN 0-86547-291-2.
  • In the Mirror of the Past. 1992. ISBN 0-7145-2937-0.
  • In the Vineyard of the Text: A Commentary to Hugh's Didascalicon. 1993. ISBN 0-226-37235-9.
  • Blasphemy: A Radical Critique of Our Technological Culture. We the People. Morristown, NJ: Aaron Press. July 1995. ISBN 978-1-882206-02-5.
  • interviews with David Cayley, ed. (1992). Ivan Illich in Conversation. Toronto: House of Anansi Press.
  • The Rivers North of the Future - The Testament of Ivan Illich as told to David Cayley. Toronto: House of Anansi Press. 2005. ISBN 0-88784-714-5.
  • David Cayley, ed. (2000). Corruption of Christianity. ISBN 0-660-18099-5.

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    Religious literature has eminent examples, and if we run over our private list of poets, critics, philanthropists and philosophers, we shall find them infected with this dropsy and elephantiasis, which we ought to have tapped.
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