Ise may also refer to:

  • The Tales of Ise (Ise monogatari), a collection of Heian period Japanese waka poetry.
  • Lady Ise, a famous poet in ancient Japan
  • Ise Nanao, a character in the manga and anime series Bleach
  • Japanese battleship Ise, a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, named after the province
  • -ise, a suffix also spelled "-ize".
  • ISE,washing machine manufacturer, acronym for Independent Service Engineering
  • Institute for Social Engineering, an Indian Think tank

Other articles related to "ise":

Lady Ise
... Lady Ise (伊勢 or 伊勢の御息所 Ise no miyasudokoro) (c ... She was born the Fujiwara no Tsugukage of Ise, and eventually became the lover of the Prince Atsuyoshi and a concubine to Emperor Uda her son by him was Prince Yuki-Akari ... She is not to be confused with Ise no Taiu, a later poet with a similar name ...
Ise, Norway
... Ise is a village in Sarpsborg municipality, Norway ... Its population is 694 ...
Seta River (Mie)
... that has both its source and its mouth in the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan ... It flows through the heart of Ise ... holds this status due to cleanup efforts by the city of Ise ...
Sangū Express Electric Railway
... a second major line as well as a small local line from Ise Electric Railway (Iseden) ... northwards from Matsusaka through cities in Mie Prefecture along the coast of Ise Bay as far as Kuwana ... Sankyū's main goal was to build a portion of a railway to Ujiyamada (now Ise) which is home to Ise Grand Shrine, the holiest Shinto shrine in Japan and a common ...
Suzuka Circuit Inō Station - Station Layout - Platforms
... 1 ■Ise Railway Ise Line for Suzuka, and Yokkaichi 2 ■Ise Railway Ise Line for Tsu ...