IRMA may refer to:

  • Institute of Rural Management, Anand, a management school for rural development in the state of Gujarat, India
  • International Recording Media Association
  • International Rectal Microbicide Advocates
  • Internationalization Resource Management Application, a web-based application for the translation of open source software maintained by Linspire
  • Intraretinal microvascular abnormalities, a component of diabetic eye disease
  • Irish Recorded Music Association
  • IRMA board, a brand name of mainframe terminal emulators
  • Immunoradiometric assay, a type of biochemical test
  • Intreprinderea de Reparatii Material Aeronautic, a Romanian aircraft manufacturer.

Other articles related to "irma":

SS Irma (1905)
... SS Irma was a 1,322-ton steamship built by the British shipyard Sir Raylton Dixon Co ... Irma sailed for the company until she was attacked and sunk by two MTBs belonging to the Royal Norwegian Navy on 13 February 1944 ...
SS Irma (1905) - Second World War - Last Voyage - Sinking
... At 1837hrs Irma, sailing in Hustadvika Bay by Hestskjær Lighthouse off the port of Kristiansund in Møre og Romsdal, suffered a large explosion in the bow area ... During the incident Irma was in the same area as the 1907 Norwegian cargo ship SS Henry ... Henry was sunk shortly after Irma ...
SS Irma (1905) - Controversy
... The sinking of Irma and Henry has been controversial ever since the Second World War, with disagreements over the exact nature of the events ... The Royal Norwegian Navy remains adamant that Irma and Henry sailed without lights or national markings and were sailing as a convoy escorted by a German naval trawler ... This has largely been disputed by the survivors of Irma and Henry ...
SS Irma (1905) - Reactions To The Sinking of Irma and Henry
... first official word to come out about the sinking of Irma and Henry in Norway was from the Norwegian national socialist party Nasjonal Samling's official ... belonged to the Royal Norwegian Navy, MTB 627 sinking Irma and MTB 653 sending Henry to the bottom ... SS Sanct Svithun sunk the previous year, and SS Barøy sunk in 1941, Irma was depicted on one of the three postage stamps commemorating war-related shipwrecks released on 20 May 1944 by the ...