Irish Girl Guides - Ladybirds


Ladybird Guides are aged 5 –7.

Ladybirds meetings are described as "Every week at our meetings we take part in activities which include games, songs and crafts. We follow a programme which helps us to become more independent, discover the outdoor world and learn about the family of Guiding to which we belong. We have lots of fun and make loads of new friends."

The Ladybird Guide Unit is led by a Guider called Coccinella and she is assisted by other Guiders called Rainbow, Adalia, Calvia or Thea. The maximum number of girls in a unit is 24 and we meet for one hour a week. Girls aged 5 – 7+ are introduced to the principles of Guiding by encouraging them to share, to help others, to learn about teamwork, to enjoy nature, etc.

  • Our Motto: Ladybird Guides care and share
  • Our Aims:
    • Learning to grow in independence
    • Activities, including songs and games
    • Dainty red sweatshirt with Ladybird Guide logo
    • Yes, it's great fun
    • Busy and bright and sometimes quiet
    • Is for the family of Guiding to which we all belong
    • Ready to help with a smile
  • 8Discover the world
  • 8To be enrolled, a Ladybird Guide must know her: name, address, telephone number, birthday, Ladybird Story, Ladybird Guide Song, Promise, Motto and Vespers87.

Each Ladybird is given a workbook for her first year and a Ladybird Guide Spot Pack for her second year.

When the Ladybird Guide moves through Brownie Guides and then to Guides she will develop these principles as she progresses.

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