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Iraqi Kurdish Civil War - Renewed Fighting (1996)
... On August 31, 30,000 Iraqi troops, spearheaded by an armored division of the Republican Guard attacked the PUK-held city of Irbil, which was defended by 3,000 PUK Peshmerga led by Korsat Rasul Ali, in conjunction ... Irbil was captured, and Iraqi troops executed 700 captured soldiers of the PUK and the Iraqi National Congress dissident group in a field outside Irbil ... Stratofortress bombers launched 27 cruise missiles at Iraqi air defense sites in southern Iraq ...
USS Wisconsin (BB-64) - Gulf War (January/February 1991)
... Doctrine, sent the first of several hundred thousand troops, along with a strong force of naval support to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf area to support a multi-national force in a standoff. 11 shells across 19 mi (31 km) of space to destroy an Iraqi artillery battery in southern Kuwait during a mission called in by USMC OV-10 aircraft ... in combat for the first time, Wisconsin pounded an Iraqi communications compound on 7 February ...
Battle Of Khafji - Battle - Initial Response: 30 January
... to American General Norman Schwarzkopf for an immediate air campaign against Iraqi forces in and around the city ... A platoon of Iraqi T-55s attacked a Qatari tank company south of the city, leading to the destruction of three T-55s by Qatari AMX-30s, and the ... An initial attack on the city was called off after the Iraqi occupants opened up with heavy fire, prompting the Saudis to reinforce the 7th Battalion with two more companies from ...
Tanks Of The Soviet Union - Post Cold War - Persian Gulf War
... During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, the Iraqi armor was usually tanks of Russian design, which included the T-54/55, T-62, Type 59, Type 69, and T-72 ... Around the Al-Wafrah forest, about 1,000 Iraqi armored fighting vehicles were attacked by Harrier aircraft with Rockeye cluster bombs ... Another Iraqi convoy of armored vehicles was hit by A-10s, which destroyed the first and last vehicles, before systematically attacking the stranded remainder ...
Timeline Of The Gulf War - 1991
... January 22 Iraqi troops begins blowing up Kuwaiti oil wells ... January 25 Iraqi troops dumped millions of gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf ... January 29 Iraqi forces invaded the town of Khafji in Saudi Arabia ...

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