Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy - Goals of The Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy

Goals of The Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy

  • First: To uphold the unity of the Iraqi nation and to maintain its sovereign independence.
  • Second: To affirm the Islamic identity of Iraq while respecting all religions and beliefs and recognizing their inviolable rights.
  • Third: To implement a free and direct national referendum to decide the nature of government and the Head of State.
  • Fourth: To draft a permanent Constitution to be confirmed by the people of Iraq in a free public referendum.
  • Fifth: That the nature of the Monarchy will be hereditary and constitutional emanating from the will of the people and that the Monarch would be the symbol of the unity of the people and the pride and honor of the nation.
  • Sixth: The establishment of a pluralistic democratic state in which power is transferred via the ballot box and the establishment of healthy democratic institutions on the basis of the complete separation of power between the executive legislative and judicial branches.
  • Seventh: The affirmation of the sanctity of the judiciary and its independence from any group or person in the state.
  • Eighth: To completely uphold the principals of Basic Human Rights as laid down by religion the United Nations and International Institutions.
  • Ninth: That the armed forces belong to the people and that their sacred mission is to protect the nation from external aggression and are prohibited from any political activity.
  • Tenth: To institute a free economy and encourage and develop the industrial agricultural and commercial sectors while maintaining a balance between the rights of ownership and the free market and the rights of the people to social justice equal opportunity and basic amenities.
  • Eleventh: To implement a comprehensive national reconciliation based on forgiveness and absolution far from a desire for vengeance and retribution with due consideration for the rule of law and justice.
  • Twelfth: To amend the legacy left by the dark era on the basis of just laws with foremost consideration for ethnic and secular issues, the nationality law, voluntary and forced emigration and on the foundation of equal rights and responsibilities for all citizens as stated in the permanent constitution.

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