• (adj): Being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed.
    Example: "A quotation mark is sometimes called an inverted comma"
    Synonyms: upside-down
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Syrtis Major Quadrangle - Inverted Relief
... Some places on Mars show inverted relief ... The inverted former stream channels may be caused by the deposition of large rocks or due to cementation ... with HiRISE show sinuous ridges that are old channels that have become inverted ...
Lacandonia - Evolution
... How this inverted position of the androecium and gynoecium evolved is unknown, but some studies have posed hypotheses ... "hopeful monsters", meaning that the inverted floral morphology could have arisen from a macromutation in the genes that control floral development ... but a few individuals were located that had bisexual flowers with the flower arrangement inverted, just like that of the normal L ...
Coprates Quadrangle - Inverted Relief
... Some areas of Mars show inverted relief, where features that were once depressions, like streams, are now instead above the surface ... Other ways of making inverted relief might be lava flowing down a stream bed or materials being cemented by minerals dissolved in water ... Inverted relief in the shape of streams are further evidence of water flowing on the Martian surface in past times ...
Miyamoto (crater) - Mars Science Laboratory
... Miyamoto Crater displays Inverted relief in the form of inverted channels ... The picture below shows an inverted channel in Miyamoto ... Inverted channels formed from accumulated sediments that were cemented by minerals ...
Inverted Nun
... Inverted nun (נו"ן מנוזרת "isolated nun" or נו"ן הפוכה "inverted nun" or "׆" in Hebrew) is a rare glyph used in Classical Hebrew ... places Twice in the Book of Numbers, 1035–36 the two verses are delineated by inverted nuns ... The images at right show three common variants of the inverted nun – vertically flipped, horizontally flipped, and Z-shaped ...

More definitions of "inverted":

  • (adj): (of a plant ovule) completely inverted; turned back 180 degrees on its stalk.
    Synonyms: anatropous

Famous quotes containing the word inverted:

    Ulysses ... is a dogged attempt to cover the universe with mud, an inverted Victorianism, an attempt to make crossness and dirt succeed where sweetness and light failed, a simplification of the human character in the interests of Hell.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)

    Can they never tell
    What is dragging them back, and how it will end? Not at night?
    Not when the strangers come? Never, throughout
    The whole hideous inverted childhood? Well,
    We shall find out.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)