Intersession is a short break or mini-term between the traditional, standard academic terms. An intersession may be a period of a few weeks between semesters or quarters during which students can take short, accelerated classes or complete other academic work.

At Princeton University, the intersession is the week-long break for students following their first semester exams. Because exams are conducted after the holiday break in the month of January, Intersession provides a respite before beginning the second semester's studies.

At Western Oklahoma State College winter and summer intersession classes are equivalent to the same courses taught during the regular semester and can be transferred to most institutions of higher education. These classes are equivalent to a whole semester of class work but put in an accelerated ten day format.

At Washington & Jefferson College, Intersession is a three-week term in January. During the Intersession term, students have the choice of studying abroad, completing an external internship, or taking a specially-designed Intersession course. These Intersession courses are more focused than regular courses and provide professors with an opportunity to teach non-traditional subjects. Past Intersession courses have included "Emerging Diseases: Global and Local" in the biology department, "Corporate Failures, Frauds, and Scandals" in the business department, and "Vampires and Other Bloodsuckers" in the English department, "Holocaust Survivor Narratives" in the German department, and "Alternative Radio" in the communications department.

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