International Seabed Authority

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) (French: Autorité internationale des fonds marins, Spanish: Autoridad Internacional de los Fondos Marinos) is an intergovernmental body based in Kingston, Jamaica, that was established to organize and control all mineral-related activities in the international seabed area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, an area underlying most of the world’s oceans. It is an organization established by the Law of the Sea Convention.

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United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea - Part XI and The 1994 Agreement
... Part XI of the Convention provides for a regime relating to minerals on the seabed outside any state's territorial waters or EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones) ... It establishes an International Seabed Authority (ISA) to authorize seabed exploration and mining and collect and distribute the seabed mining royalty ... United States accepted all but Part XI as customary international law, while attempting to establish an alternative regime for exploitation of the ...
International Seabed Authority - Controversy
... The exact nature of the ISA's mission and authority has been questioned by opponents of the Law of the Sea Treaty who are generally skeptical of multilateral engagement by the ... some found objectionable, such as Imposition of permit requirements, fees and taxation on seabed mining ban on mining absent ISA permission Use of collected money for wealth redistribution in addition to ISA ...

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