Intercity or Inter-city means "between cities". It can refer to inter-city transportation by rail, bus, truck or airline. There are many transport companies with Intercity or Inter-city as their brand.

  • Inter-city rail services
    • InterCity, a general term for certain long-distance passenger train services throughout Europe
    • InterCity (British Rail), a brand used by British Rail
      • The Inter-City, an express passenger train serving Britain starting in 1950
      • InterCity 125, high-speed rail serving Britain starting in 1976
      • InterCity 225, high-speed rail serving Britain starting in 1990
      • InterCity 250, a cancelled project in Britain
    • InterCity (Iarnr√≥d √Čireann), serving the Republic of Ireland
    • Intercity (Deutsche Bahn), serving Germany
    • Intercity-Express, high-speed rail serving Germany and its surrounding countries
    • PKP Intercity, serving Poland
    • NSB InterCity Express, serving Norway
    • Intercity Express (Indian Railways), multiple train routes called "Intercity Express"
    • High-speed rail in China, multiple train routes called "Intercity Railway"
    • Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company, serving Japan starting in 1991
    • KTM Intercity, serving Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
  • Train types
    • InterCity Express (Queensland Rail), a train type used in South East Queensland, Australia
    • NS Intercity Materieel, a train type used in The Netherlands
  • Intercity bus services
    • Intercity (New Zealand), serving New Zealand
    • Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority, serving California, USA
  • Companies or services with "Intercity" or "Inter-city" in their brands
    • Dublin and Belfast Inter-City Cup, a soccer competition in Ireland
    • Intercity Baseball Tournament, "Summer All-star" in Japan
    • Intercity Bridge, in Minnesota, USA
    • Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, a European football competition
    • Inter City Firm, an English football hooligan firm
    • Intercity Football League, in Taiwan
    • Intercity Golden Gloves, amateur boxing tournament
    • Inter-City League, ice hockey league in southern England
    • Intercity Shopping Centre, Ontario, Canada
    • Intercity Viaduct, bridge over the Kansas River, USA

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