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Cyclone Hondo - Meteorological History
... and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) began monitoring a tropical disturbance located in the western portion of Météo-France's area of responsibility ... At 0300 UTC on February 4, the JTWC issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert for the system as deep convection and outer bands developed around the center ... Shortly after, Météo-France began issuing advisories on Tropical Disturbance 10 while it was located about 1,020 km (635 mi) east-southeast of Diego Garcia ...
Timeline Of The 2007–08 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Timeline of Events - February
0000 UTC - Météo-France reupgrades Moderate Tropical Storm Gula to Severe Tropical Storm Gula. 1200 UTC - Météo-France redeclares Fame as tropical and issues its last advisory. 1200 UTC - Météo-France redowngrades Severe Tropical Storm Gula to Moderate Tropical Storm Gula ...
Cyclone Kamba
... Intense Tropical Cyclone Kamba (JTWC designation 23S) was a powerful tropical cyclone which remained out over the open waters of the south-central Indian Ocean for its entire existence ... The fourth and final intense tropical cyclone of the 2007-08 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season, Kamba developed out of an area of disturbed ... Over the next several days, the system intensified, becoming a moderate tropical storm, at which time it was named Kamba, late on March 8 ...
Storms - Intense Tropical Cyclone Gael
... Intense tropical cyclone (MFR) Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHS) Duration February 1 – February 9 Peak intensity 185 km/h (115 mph) 930 mbar (hPa) On February 1, RSMC La Reunion began ... for the development of a significant tropical cyclone within next 24 hours as "poor" ... JTWC upgraded the disturbance's chances of forming into a tropical cyclone to "fair" ...
1998–99 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Storms - Intense Tropical Cyclone Frederic-Evrina
... Intense tropical cyclone (MFR) Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHS) Duration April 1 (From Australian Region) – April 9 Peak intensity 195 km/h (120 mph) 915 mbar (hP ...

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