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Technical Intelligence - Collection Techniques At The National Level - Allegations of Intelligence Collection At The National Level
... Nations have different views of what constitutes offensive and defensive economic intelligence "Decisions informed by the provision of economic intelligence range from ... This type of intelligence support to government decision-makers is generally accepted as a legitimate function of state intelligence services ... Related intelligence services that go beyond the mere collection of information and aim to influence events directly, either at a macro-economic or firm level ...
Telescopic Observations Strategic Framework
... a strategic planning tool designed to enhance intelligence gathering and improve marketing planning ... focused solution to the complex requirements of environmental analysis, intelligence gathering and decision-making, and has been used in various organisational ... programme of continuous situational monitoring, intelligence gathering, organisational learning, and performance monitoring to inform decision making and direct the strategy formulation and re-formulation process ...
Lockheed AP-3C Orion - Capabilities
... The AP-3C upgrade improved the Orions' radar, intelligence-gathering and computing systems ... system, "highly capable" signals and electronic intelligence (SIGINT/ELINT) equipment, the UYS 503 acoustic system, a new automatic information system processor, a new navigation system based on two Honeywell ... capabilities and operate as specialised intelligence-gathering aircraft ...
Patriot Debates - Title II - Sections 218
... the purpose of foreign surveillance was to gather intelligence information to be the significant purpose of intelligence information gathering, should be kept even though it is already clear that this is what ... for surveillance for nearly a quarter-century, and that in April 2002 the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review found that, it is quite puzzling that the Justice Department, at some ... the definition of foreign intelligence information includes evidence of crimes such as espionage, sabotage or terrorism ...
BRIXMIS - Intelligence Gathering
... of movement throughout East Germany allowed the collection of intelligence on Warsaw Pact forces, particularly those of the Soviet Union and East Germany, which included force disposition and movement ... reconnoitring either on an ad-hoc basis or as directed by Defence Intelligence in London ...

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    A man is a method, a progressive arrangement; a selecting principle, gathering his like to him; wherever he goes.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The methodological advice to interpret in a way that optimizes agreement should not be conceived as resting on a charitable assumption about human intelligence that might turn out to be false. If we cannot find a way to interpret the utterances and other behaviour of a creature as revealing a set of beliefs largely consistent and true by our standards, we have no reason to count that creature as rational, as having beliefs, or as saying anything.
    Donald Davidson (b. 1917)