Intelligence Cycle (target-centric Approach)

Intelligence Cycle (target-centric Approach)

The target-centric approach to intelligence describes a method of intelligence analysis that Robert M. Clark introduced in his book "Intelligence Analysis: A Target-Centric Approach" in 2003 to offer an alternative methodology to the traditional intelligence cycle. Its goal is to redefine the intelligence process in such a way that all of the parts of the intelligence cycle come together as a network. It is a collaborative process where collectors, analysts and customers are integral, and information does not always flow linearly.

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Intelligence Cycle (target-centric Approach) - Criticisms
... According to Heuer,analysts can always strive to improve estimates,and no method guarantees accurate conclusions every time ... Analysts should expect intelligencefailures,and refine the methodology to learn from what worked and what did not work ... Also,according to Johnston,time constraints are one of the most difficult obstacles for intelligenceanalysts ...

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