Instant Runoff Voting

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Later-no-harm Criterion - Examples - Instant Runoff Voting Variant With Majority Requirement
... Traditional forms of instant runoff voting satisfy the later-no-harm criterion ... the vote was not cast, the election could fail, proceed to a runoff, repeated ballot or other process, and the favored candidate could possibly win ... votes are as follows 40 A 39 B>A 21 C In the Preferential voting method, described as an example in Robert's Rules of Order, elimination continues iteratively until "one pile contains more than ...
Alternative Voting
... Instant-runoff voting (IRV), alternative vote (AV), transferable voting, or preferential voting is an electoral system used to elect a single winner from a field of more than ... It is a form of preferential voting (or ranked choice voting) in which voters rank the candidates in order of preference rather than simply selecting a single candidate ... "Instant-runoff voting" is a US term of comparatively recent origin ...
Alternative Voting - Negative Campaigning
... John Russo, Oakland City Attorney, argued in the Oakland Tribune on 24 July 2006 that "Instant runoff voting is an antidote to the disease of negative campaigning ... Internationally, Benjamin Reilly suggests instant runoff voting eases ethnic conflict in divided societies ... argument for why Papua New Guinea adopted instant runoff voting ...

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