Insert may refer to:

  • Insert (advertising)
  • Insert (composites)
  • Insert (effects processing)
  • Insert (film)
  • Insert key on a computer keyboard, used to switch between insert mode and overstrike mode
  • Insert (molecular biology)
  • Insert (SQL)
  • Fireplace insert
  • Another name for a tipped tool, a cutting tool used in metalworking
  • Another name for patch point, a feature on audio mixing consoles
  • Inserts, a 1974 film directed by John Byrum

See also insertion.

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Linebarrels Of Iron - Media - Music
... music are used for the anime series one opening theme, two ending themes and two insert songs ... Furu" (雨が降る, Falling Rain?) and "Remedy" by Maaya Sakamoto, and the insert songs are "Kokoro no Mama ni" (心のままに, State of My Heart?) and "PROUD" by Lisa ... version of "Kitei no Tsurugi" was also used as an insert song in episode 20 ...
LASh TAL - Pressings
... First pressing (1984) with insert, purple on center label, limited to 2000 copies ... Maldoror Est Mort, B Side Fang Second pressing (198?) with no insert, black on center label ... with different center label and sleeve, no insert ...
Comparison Of Notetaking Software - Formatted Text Features, Others
... indent Text and paragraph formatting Insert hyperlink Insert image Insert table Insert audio Insert video Insert SWF Other objects Attachment Spell check Search AllMyNotes Organizer ? ? ? Yes Yes ...
Operation Red Wing/Archive1 - Insert, Compromise, and Ambush of SEAL Reconnaissance and Surveillance Team
... Late in the night of June 27, 2005, two MH-47 Special Operations Aircraft of the Army Special Operations Command's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) (SOAR(A)) approached Sawtalo Sar ... As one of the aircraft performed a number of "decoy drops" to confuse any possible enemy on the ground as to the specific purpose of helicopters, the other inserted, via fastrope, a four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team in a saddle between Sawtalo Sar and Gatigal Sar, a peak just to the south of Sawtalo Sar ...

Famous quotes containing the word insert:

    all the fine
    Points of diving feet together toes pointed hands shaped right
    To insert her into water like a needle
    James Dickey (b. 1923)

    In the felt of the morning the calico minded,
    sufficiently starched, insert papers, hit keys,
    efficient and sure as their adding machines;
    yet they weep in the vault,
    Patricia K. Page (b. 1916)