Initial Detonation

Initial Detonation were a crust punk band from Joplin, Missouri. Many of the members (guitarist Roger Hannifan, bassist Mike Jilge, and drummer Larry Deardorff) had been in the earlier, more hardcore punk, band Encrusted and Roger had played drums in an early incarnation of Total Chaos. The early nucleus of the group, Roger, Mike, Larry and singer Jeanene Maddox merged with another group, Satan's Ice Cream Truck (a duo, Ritchie Randall on electric guitar and Garry Moore singing) to form the final line-up of the band, now with two guitarists and dual vocals. They were in existence from 1997–2001. Mike and Larry have continued to play in another ongoing project, Freakflag. A new band (GRAVEHUFFER) has been formed by Ritchie, Larry, and Mike.

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