Inigo Jones

Inigo Jones (or Íñigo Jones) (15 July 1573 – 21 June 1652) is the first significant British architect of the modern period, and the first to employ Vitruvian rules of proportion and symmetry in his buildings. He left his mark on London by single buildings, such as the Banqueting House, Whitehall, and in area design for Covent Garden square which became a model for future developments in the West End. He also made major contributions to stage design by his work as theatrical designer for several dozen masques, most by royal command and many in collaboration with Ben Jonson.

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Chiswick House - Principal Rooms - Red Velvet Room
... The fireplaces and surrounds again come from sources by Inigo Jones, in this case from the Queen's House, Greenwich ... of William Kent (art), a supine bust of Inigo Jones (sculpture) and a putto with a temple plan of the Temple of Fortuna Virilis as depicted by Palladio ... through the theatre and masque set designs for the Stuart Court which were designed by Inigo Jones, the majority of which Lord Burlington owned ...
The Weeding Of Covent Garden - Inigo Jones
... de Caux was the architect for the row houses on the north and east sides of the square, Inigo Jones designed St ... Moreover, Jones was then the King's Surveyor General, and must perforce have been involved in the overall design of the project ... For this reason, Brome chose to concentrate on Jones when crafting his satire on the greed of real-estate development and speculation ...
Chiswick House - Gardens
... who studied the theatre and masque designs of Inigo Jones for the Stuart Court, which were owned by Lord Burlington and housed within his Villa ... A second Deer House once stood at the opposite end of the Ha-ha until replaced by Inigo Jones' gateway in 1738 (see below) ... A gateway designed by Inigo Jones in 1621 at Beaufort House in Chelsea (home of Sir Hans Sloane) was bought and removed by Lord Burlington and rebuilt in the gardens at Chiswick in 1738 ...
Inigo Jones - Gallery of Architectural Works
... Paul's Cathedral, as remodelled by Jones North front, The Queen's House, Greenwich South front, The Queen's House, Greenwich South front, The Queen's House, Greenwich Tulip Stair, The ...
Hubert Le Sueur - Career
... Since Inigo Jones had passed through Paris in July 1613, in the train of Lord Arundel, on their way to Strasbourg, Katharine Esdaile suggested that Jones was the one who convinced Le ... of the grand catafalque— both figures and hearse designed by Inigo Jones — in James I's funeral, 1625 ...

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