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Bayesian Game - Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium - Definition
... the 'wherever possible' clause because some information sets might not be reached with the given strategy profile and hence Bayes' rule cannot be ... Such information sets are said to be off the equilibrium path and any beliefs can be assigned to them ... of consistency further restricts the beliefs that can be assigned to off-equilibrium information sets to "reasonable" ones ...
Finite Extensive-form Games - Incomplete Information
... This sort of game has incomplete information ... form it is represented as a game with complete but imperfect information using the so called Harsanyi transformation ... The game on the left is one of complete information (all the players and payoffs are known to everyone) but of imperfect information (the employer doesn't know what was nature's move.) The initial ...
Finite Extensive-form Games
... just a game tree with payoffs (no imperfect or incomplete information), and add the other elements in subsequent chapters as refinements ... game thus consists of the following A finite set of n (rational) players A rooted tree, called the game tree Each terminal (leaf) node of the game tree has an n-tuple ... A game of complete information thus has an empty set of Chance nodes.) Each node of the Chance player has a probability distribution over its ...
Bayesian Game - Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium
... way that implausible Nash equilibria arise in games of perfect and complete information, such as incredible threats and promises ... Such equilibria might be eliminated in perfect and complete information games by applying subgame perfect Nash equilibrium ... always possible to avail oneself of this solution concept in incomplete information games because such games contain non-singleton information sets and since subgames must contain complete ...

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    Eddie did not die. He is no longer on Channel 4, and our sets are tuned to Channel 4; he’s on Channel 7, but he’s still broadcasting. Physical incarnation is highly overrated; it is one corner of universal possibility.
    Marianne Williamson (b. 1953)

    Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)