Inflammatory Cells

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Astrogliosis - Functions and Effects - Regulation of Inflammation
... They have the capacity to make different types of molecules with either pro- or anti-inflammatory potential in response to different types of stimulation ... In regards to anti-inflammatory effects, reactive scar-forming astrocytes help to reduce the spread of inflammatory cells during locally initiated innate inflammatory responses to traumatic injury or during ... In regards to pro-inflammatory potential, certain molecules in astrocytes are associated with an increase in inflammation after traumatic injury ...
Trypanosoma Cruzi - Pathophysiology - Epicardial Lesions
... different histological appearances, are all epicardial reactions to chronic inflammatory responses ... It has been proposed that milk spots are actually scars, due to the lack of inflammatory cells and vascular proliferation ... Unlike milk spots and chagasic rosary, villous plaque has inflammatory cells and vasculature present ...
Cicatricial Alopecia - Treatment
... As mentioned above, primary cicatricial alopecias are classified by the predominant type of inflammatory cells that attack the hair follicles i.e ... lymphocytes, neutrophils, or mixed inflammatory cells ... and pseudopelade (Brocq) involves use of anti-inflammatory medications ...

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