Index of Albania-related Articles - C


  • Castle Burgajet
  • Christian Democratic Party (Albania)
  • Cinema of Albania
  • Cominform
  • Communications in Albania
  • Communist and post-Communist Albania
  • Communist Party of Albania (1991)
  • Communist Party of Albania 8 November
  • Congress of Lushnjë
  • Countess Geraldine Apponyi de Nagy-Apponyi
  • Counties of Albania
  • County of Berat
  • County of Dibër
  • County of Durrës
  • County of Elbasan
  • County of Fier
  • County of Gjirokastër
  • County of Korçë
  • County of Kukës
  • County of Lezhë
  • County of Shkodër
  • County of Tirana
  • County of Vlorë
  • Culture of Albania

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